Tails is very scared, and the Sonic.EXE appears. Creepypasta Paranormal Experiences by ᎠᎬᎷᎾNᏚ. Sonic.exe (Exe for short or "X" by the Cult) is the main character of the Creepypasta of the same name and it's sequel and the overall main antagonist of the series. He appears as the unseen overarching antagonist of Sonic.exe: Blood Scream, and the overarching antagonist of it's sequel Sonic.exe: Blood Tears and its DLC Fall of the Angels. To top it off, there are a number of performance optimisations made to the game's engine to help the gameplay experience feel that little bit smoother. Sonic Lemon Book by ᎠᎬᎷᎾNᏚ. Browse through and read newly published sonic exe fanfiction ... and few of Sonic's friends will realize the true meaning of...FEAR. Sonic.exe originated as a Creepypasta by Sir JC the Hyena seen here) concerning a man named Tom who receives a bizarre CD in the mail from his friend Kyle, who hasn't been heard from in a while. Exeller (also known as Sonic.exe) is the titular main antagonist of the Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell series created by Danuha2526. The original Sonic.EXE creepypasta (Internet horror stories) was created by JC-The-HYena. The game explains the true story of Sonic.Exe and Tails Doll. ... Sonic Exe:Evil Never Stops. He has an evil smile with small razor-sharp teeth. But I can assure you that Sonic.exe is none of those things. Playlist . In fact, he isn't even a creation of God or the Devil. 1 Story 2 Characters 3 Stages 4 Boss Fights Sonic and his friends are camping in a dark forest. ; Mecha Sonic - A Sonic-based robot first seen in Sonic & Knuckles. Add to library 569 Discussion 195. The background was all red and I saw dead animals. Help by adding to it.> Sally Nettle is one of the protagonists in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare and Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three, along with Amy and Cream. To the scientific and atheists, humanity is naturally superior in the ongoing race of evolution and survival. Sonic.exe can also fly, levitate, teleport from different areas, and change his size to be as big as he wants. Browse through and read sonic exe fanfiction stories and books. Add to library 1 Discussion 2. Exrath (also known as Sonic.exe) is the titular main antagonist of the upcoming fan game, Sonic.exe: Darkened Spirits created by AnthoTheHedgehog. Sonic woke up from being separated from the evil deity and looked up to see that EXE's true self has changed into Sonic's body shape…. October 23, 2019 Uchiha Avenger . Sonic.EXE is a hack of the original sonic game with new redesigned levels and evil sonic theme. A brand new Sonic adventure. The Official Sonic.EXE Game. "Oh no" I said "It's Sonic.exe all over again."
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